Monday, January 4, 2010

Dress-Up Brownies

Don't get me wrong... fudge brownies are awesome -- especially when I can buy the mixes of the Family Size on sale for $.99! But sometimes, even brownies can use a little "dressing up". Try these for a special occasion or party. So simple and yet they look "fancy" (if a brownie can ever look as such).

1 brownie mix
eggs, oil, water - according to package directions
creamy white frosting or Glazed Icing

Mix and bake brownie mix according to package directions. Let cool. If using store-bought frosting, heat in microwave about 15 seconds and stir well. Otherwise, follow Glazed Icing recipe above. Using a knife, drizzle the glaze in a criss-cross pattern over brownies. Let set. I like to cut these into big squares, and then again diagonally. Enjoy!

p.s. = my middle son says these remind him of "brownie oreos" - lol!

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