Sunday, June 12, 2011

Creamy Chicken Tacos

Have I ever told you about my roommate from my early college years when I lived in Hawaii? Ardis was, and still is, like a sister to me, and boy, that is one sister who can cook! We swap recipes from time to time and some of my family faves have come from Ardis. You may remember her Hawaiian Shoyu Chicken or her Simple Salsa Fresca. Well, today I am gonna share with you another family fave. I love this one because it is simple and tasty and my kids always ask for more! Hope you like it as much as we do! Thanks, Ardis!

1 pkg corn tortillas
1 12 oz canned chicken, drained (can also use turkey chunks)
1 8oz Cream Cheese
Shredded Cheese, optional
cooking oil

Warm tortillas on paper towel in microwave until they can be rolled or folded without tearing. (I usually do about 90 seconds.) Spray bottom of saucepan lightly with cooking spray. Add chicken and cream cheese. Melt cream cheese over MED heat and stir well to combine. Turn heat to simmer. Heat cooking oil in large skillet on MED heat. Ready when droplet of water sizzles. On each tortilla spoon a little bit of the cream cheese mixture. My family is a bunch of cheese-heads, so I also sprinkle a little shredded Colby Jack on top too. Fold taco in half and place in warm skillet. Brown on both sides and drain on paper towel. Makes about 12-14 tacos. Serve with Fresh Salsa if desired.

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