Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dessert Taquitos

After making a batch of Creamy Chicken Tacos for dinner I had a few corn tortillas left and decided to make dessert too. Traditionally, a Taquito is a small, meat-filled corn tortilla, rolled up and then deep fried.

Small Corn Tortillas
cooking oil
Filling (I had some strawberry-rhubarb pie filling left over)
Cinnamon & Sugar
Additional toppings, Hershey's syrup, Powdered Sugar, etc.

Warm tortillas in microwave enough to handle without tearing. (I do about 90 seconds). Spread desired filling onto tortilla. Roll up and then press into cinnamon-sugar mixture. Heat cooking oil in skillet. Ready when drop of water sizzles. Place each Taquito in skillet and brown on all sides. Drain for a few seconds onto paper towel. (Don't leave too long on paper towel and the sugar mixture becomes sticky and will adhere to the paper.) Top with additional toppings if desired and enjoy!

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