Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pistachio Puffs

About a year ago I had some delightful Pistachio creme-filled cannolis. I haven't been able to get them out of my mind since. So, for Easter, I thought I'd make a pistachio creme-filled dessert of some sort and thus began the research. I thought puff pastry would be easy since I could "cheat" and buy the sheets from the local grocer's. Next I thought about doing Creme Horns, but I didn't really want to buy "horn molds" for something I'd only make once in a blue moon. Then -- I saw the idea of making homemade forms out of foil and Voila! Here is my creation and just in time for the Easter dinner table!

2 sheets puff pastry
Cooking Spray
2 boxes instant pistachio pudding mix
3 1/2 C cold milk
1 egg, beaten + 1 tbsp water
Powdered sugar, optional
*Chocolate Sauce, optional

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Yield: 20 servings

Set both sheets of puff pastry on the counter to thaw, about 40 minutes. In mixing bowl, whisk together both pudding mixes with the milk. Refrigerate until ready to use. Using foil form 10 "molds" and spray with cooking spray. One sheet at a time, unroll puff pastry and cut into TEN 1" strips. Starting at the base of each mold, wrap the pastry strip in a cone-like fashion, securing the end with a toothpick. Place on parchment paper or lightly greased pan. Brush each pastry lightly with the egg and water mixture. Bake @ 400 for approximately 15 minutes or until lightly golden. Let sit on pan for about a minute. Lightly slide each foil mold out of horn and let pastry continue to cool on wire rack. Repeat process with the second sheet of puff pastry.

Fill each pastry with pistachio pudding and set on serving tray. Lightly dust with powdered sugar and drizzle with chocolate sauce. Chill until ready to serve.

*I used the new Duncan Hines "Amazing Glazes" Chocolate Dessert Topping


  1. I will definitely try this. I will fill them in with custard cream instead though. I have never had pistachio pudding actually. Maybe I can add pistachio powder or something in custard cream and make one ;)

  2. I will be making these the next time I have to take a dessert somewhere.


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